Online Meeting

Online meeting with Toronto hybrid dealer

It’s like you’re sitting at my desk!

Online meetings are a great way to get the information tailored to your vehicle and your purchase.
So you’re at work and your partner’s at home. No problem, just contact me then visit click “join” and in seconds both of you will see my screen while we discuss your new hybrid SUV or car. You can test drive a hybrid at home or at the dealership. The choice is yours.

What Will We Do?
  • Discuss your hybrid vehicle needs
  • Review inventory to see if there is a hybrid equipped to your liking
  • Build your hybrid using vehicle build software for a locate or factory order
  • Go over the payments including lease finance using different terms and down payments
  • Review ways of saving money
  • Make 100% sure you have a clear understanding of your new hybrid vehicle and the finance or lease numbers

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