2020 Escape Hybrid AWD Fuel Economy

Ford Escape AWD Hybrid Fuel economy

A customer with a 2020 Escape Titanium AWD Hybrid sent me a picture of his dash after filling up the gas tank. He has just over 9,000km on his Escape and the dash shows 999 kms to empty. This means that it will get over 1,000 km out of this tank. The customer will let me know what the actual kms were on this tank of gas. The fuel economy on the 2020 Escape Hybrid is proving to be outstanding. With a 54 liter tank you can see in the image below the cost to fill up. The price of gas was about 90 cents a liter at the time. UPDATE: The distance landed up being 940 kms on that tank.

Cost to fill the tank of Escape Hybrid
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